A flying car. It's the symbol of the future we've all been waiting for — that shiny, elusive tomorrow that's always just out of reach. What is your flying car?

In our new millennium, we expected flying cars. Instead, we got Snapchat and Snuggies. But we also achieved internet hyper-connectivity, 3D printed kidneys, and landed a rover on Mars. This may not be the future we expected, but it is filled with technological wonders. And more are coming...

Flying Car brings together pioneers in all fields to make the future. This annual two-day conference features stories from diverse thought leaders, hands-on labs where guests dig into a variety of fields, pitch competitions, and plenty of time for connecting with other future-minded leaders.

Flying Car 2014 has adopted the theme "People-Powered" — because it all starts with people. New ideas don't start with technology and money. They start with the imagination and determination of people, so let's celebrate them!

Geeks, artists, entrepreneurs, corporations, and the future-minded public: join us at the conference of tomorrow!


Todd Teske
President & CEO | Briggs & Stratton Corp.

Jonas Prising
CEO | ManpowerGroup

Programming Committee

Brian McKaig
Vice President of Marketing & Communications | United Way

Dave Muyres
Director, Innovation | Johnson Controls, Inc.

Marketing Committee Co-Chairs

Julie Cole
VP Marketing North America | ManpowerGroup

John Kissinger

Fundraising Committee Co-Chairs

Dan Nelson
President & CEO | Nelson Schmidt

Michelle Rindt
Director Customer Solutions | We Energies